An Introduction to Youngji Junior High School

In response to the increasing population and rapid change in Song-shan district, Youngji Junior High School was founded in July, 1977 so as to solve the local students’ schooling problem.
Mr. Chen Pi-tu was appointed as the first principal.  There were 10 classes for the first graders on August 1, 1977, 14 classes in 1978 and 12 classes in 1979.  So then there were 36 classes in total and about 1600 students along with about 100 teachers.
Mr. Zhao Chin-lin was the second principle in August, 1988.  He tried hard to supply necessary equipments and invited the best teachers so that Youngji Junior High School could be the best learning environment for teenagers.
Ms Hsu Yueh-er became the third principal in February, 1997.  Emphasizing the whole-person education, she continued to supply the latest equipments so as to raise the teaching quality.  In addition, she encouraged the teachers to pursue further studies and to do research to broaden the knowledge on teaching.  Moreover, she put a great emphasis on students’ life and moral education.  
Now Ms Lin Mei-yun is the principle. And we have 67 classes, and 5 classes for special education.  There are over 2000 students and 185 teachers.  Both the moral education and the students’ academic performance have won the recognition from the community nearby.  
Reflecting on the beginning of the school’s establishment, we appreciate the hard working of the pioneers.  Also thanks to the strong and long-term support of the local residents and students’ parents, our school can have such a solid foundation.  
All the teaching staff have been contributing their greatest enthusiasm and affection to Youngji , so we can be growing and students can have a great academic performance and do well in all kinds of contests.
Youngji High School now has a history of more than 30 years and plays an important role in educating the young learners in Hsin-Yi District.  In recent years, we have kept working hard and get transformed from a traditional community school to a modern school with more close interaction with the community.  By participating in public activities, we waken the affection among people and put education reformation into effect from passing down the concept to the real life experience.

In response to the education reformation, we are dedicated to the school-based management, planning our school’s vision and using resources effectively.  We plan step by step the development of the school facilities.  We hope that we can offer a safe, energetic, creative and happy learning environment.  Our principle, Ms Lin Mei-yun, now will lead us to achieve the goal. 


We are working on building a safe and happy learning environment through diverse teaching activities and the warm and harmonious interaction between teachers and students.  Also, we try to construct the campus with love so as to develop the students’ multiple intelligences and bring about an advance in students’ learning.


Principal's Office Number:168

Academic Affairs Office Number:170
Curriculum Section    Number:171
Registration Section  Number:173 
Equipment Section   Number:174 
Computing and Information Section Number:172

Student Affairs Office Number:180
Student Activities Section    Number:182
Life and Health Section     Number:183
Physical Education Section  Number:184
Discipline Section  Number:181

General Affairs Office Number:120
Documents and Files Section Number:122
Purchase and Maintenance Section Number:121
Cashier Section  Number:123

Counseling Office Number:130
Counseling Section    Number:131
Student Information Section  Number:132
Special Education Section  Number:135

Personnel Office Number:141

Accounting Office Number:150-151

7th Grade Homeroom Teachers’ Office Number:101-115

8th Grade Homeroom Teachers’ Office Number:201-215

9th Grade Homeroom Teachers’ Office Number:301-316

Teachers’ Office Number:190-197

English Resource Office Number:260

Guard Room Number:129


Principle Email: mayylin@yjjh.tp.edu.tw

Director of Adamedic Affairs Email: mayoliu@yjjh.tp.edu.tw

Director of Student Affairs Email: terdes@yjjh.tp.edu.tw

Director of General Affairs Email: chiang@yjjh.tp.edu.tw

Director of Counselors' office Email: ssuool@yjjh.tp.edu.tw

Director of Personnel Email: jihnmy@yjjh.tp.edu.tw

Director of Accounting Email: sophieyc@yjjh.tp.edu.tw

System Administrator Email: sosochiou@yjjh.tp.edu.tw